Nicole 'Tala' Carter
Portrayed by TINA MAJORINO
Fullname Nicole Carter
Birthday October 11
Species Shifter
Age 27
Height 5'5"
Weight 132lbs.
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Occupation Singer/Songwriter

Claim to Fame

Havenlore - Tala is the lead singer and songwriter for the Dallas local band called Havenlore. They're not a big named, national band but they're well on their way.


Sarah and Robert were about as average as the average Americans could be. They both held decent jobs in attempts to make a good life for themselves. Their incomes placed them as Middle Class to Upper Middle Class, depending on the swing of the economy. Together and individually they had friends that they associated with often. Nothing about the couple, or either one individually, seemed anything other than average. What wasn’t seen by the public, however, was the fact that both of them were shifters.

The marriage itself was actually arranged by their parents in order to keep the true bloodline active. Sarah and Robert made the most of this even if they weren’t the best fitting couple that there ever was. In fact, they could be quite opposite on many issues. Despite all of this they eventually did what they were intended to do and had a child. They could have continued from there but they wanted to ensure that the only children they had were true. Thankfully they managed to succeed at this on the first attempt. That is how Nicole Carter came to be.

Character Details

Nicole is one smug son of a gun. She's been raised to believe that she is special and it is not something that she will ever be rid of. Humans are there only to be used, abused and tossed away. This has gotten her to where she is and she will continue on as best that she can. As far as friendships are concerned, they are overrated. Most times the shifter cannot even bring herself to remotely pretend to be interested in friendship with anyone. Only when an opportunity presents itself does she make the effort, and it is jaded at best. This doesn't mean that she doesn't long for companionship, but she doesn't wish for friendship. She is often known to take young women home with her, or go home with them when she's smart, and use them for a night. There is no attachment this way and she gains the benefits. The main focus of her life, of course, is herself. Despite her open coldness and lack of concern for anyone, Nicole sometimes can be seen making PR moves to ensure that the public maintains interest.


Name Race Relation Notes
Sarah Carter Shifter Mother Tala's mother and inspiration. She is the devil that sits on her shoulder.
Robert Carter Shifter Father Tala's father and attempted conscious. She doesn't speak with him often.
Eric Human Bandmate Drummer of Havenlore. He shows up, does his job and leaves. These people are too much for him sometimes, and he's usually stoned.
Chad Human Bandmate Lead Guitarist of Havenlore. He's a pretty boy that drives the ladies insane and because of this feels as if he is the band.
Lana Human Bandmate Bassist of Havenlore. Only other female in the band and jealous of the attention that Tala receives, especially from men.
Neve Bishop Shifter Interesting Cute girl. I could take her under my wing and show her what life is all about. I should stop being so forward… nah.
"Molly" Werewolf Contingency Plan She could very well help me save my skin. Plus she's hot.

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Title IC Date OOC Date Quick Description
Sign My Boob March 6, 2005 March 6, 2010 Bad timing for Sloane to find someone willing to help her find the answers that she speaks.

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