Tasha Cox
Portrayed by Caroline Dhavernas
Fullname Tiffany Natasha Cox
Birthday February 22
Species Werewolf
Age 26
Height 5'3
Weight 118
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Occupation Medical Resident

Claim to Fame

A dedicated member of the Muea Tseena Pack, Dr. Tasha Cox is an overworked and cranky resident at the Medical City Hospital, with a reputation for helping out fellow pack members with a 'no questions asked' policy, while aiding other shifters with more of a 'I scratch your back, you owe me for life' mentality.


Information is provided OOCly only. Tasha is secretive about her past, and does not tend to share her Little Miss Sunshine history, nor her actual first name. Please ask before assuming.

Tasha Cox was born Tiffany Natasha Cox to loving parents in the affluent suburb of Plano. Her father was an executive with a large corporation that made its headquarters there, and her mother was a former beauty queen socialite who liked to call herself, laughingly, a stay-at-home mom.

Tasha was the eldest of two girls, and always felt that mom's biggest contribution to all four was pushing them out and then sticking them into beauty pageants before they were even crawling. By the time she was six, an entire room of the house had to be dedicated to the delicate art of pageantry, where costumes, 'talents' and trophies were kept, and the basement was turned into a studio where dancing, singing, and gymnastics could be practised several hours each day without needing to leave home.

It made for an intense childhood, and Tasha learned from a young age the importance of always being 'the best'. Second place was really only first loser, as far as she was concerned. Taking more after her father, Tasha never really enjoyed the beauty pageants as much as her mother insisted that she did. At the age of 12, she quit in a huff, walking off during a key performance in an important pageant. While her father just tried hard not to laugh, it's a known fact in the Cox household that her mother still has not entirely forgiven her to this very day.

She chose instead to focus on schoolwork, pushing herself to the top of the class through a combination of natural smarts and do-or-die attitude. She relished blowing the bell curve and screwing over the other kids, and entered into a not-so-friendly rivalry with the next highest-scoring student in the class. Meanwhile, around teachers and tutors, she was always the most obedient, obsequious child. If she didn't have the other girls terrified by her intense Type-A personality, she probably would have been beaten up on a regular basis.

Puberty brought with it more than your normal changes and renewed pressure from mom to get back into the pageantry circuit. It had never been a secret there was something different about her parents, though they were certainly careful to be discreet. It was only when Tasha had undergone her first shift that her parents rushed to fill in all the details about their true natures.

It took some getting used to, to say the least. But perhaps the transition was made that much easier by the way that her parents embraced it. She was quickly taught that werewolves were by far superior to anything else out there. It also put on a lot of pressure to be the best damn werewolf she could be, and to make the family proud.

She was introduced into the Muea Tseena Pack, and began learning all she could about their ways. Always highly conscious of the pecking order, she was careful to keep down those below her, while sucking up to those above, and always looking for a way to move up.

And, of course, there was still school to contend with. She managed to graduate as valedictorian from her elite private all-girls school, after beating out her rival. She was accepted at Texas A&M for a pre-med track in biochemistry. After killing herself for four years there, and giving herself a nervous breakdown over the MCAT, she scored high enough to get into medical school at Columbia University.

New York was a huge change for her, and one she didn't really enjoy. Being away from her family, her home, and the pack, it was not at all healthy for her already delicate psyche. She made no effort to socialize, and saw little more of the city than the brief commute between her shared accommodations and campus. Her roommate would even joke sometimes about the futility of her even paying rent, since she spent most of her nights in the library or catching a few Zs on one of the couches in the student lounge. These attempts at humour were usually met with little more than a growl.

By the time her initial training was complete, she was socially broken, and addicted to amphetamines to get her through the insane hours she forced upon herself, still needing to excel and be the best. Thankfully, she managed to get into the residency program at Medical City Hospital, bringing her back to Dallas and to familiar territory.

Character Details

Tasha was taught from her very first shift to embrace her animal side, and this has led to her being more animalistic even when in human form, as she feels no need to subdue her nature. She is extremely sensitive to things such as eye contact and facial expression, and may show her teeth or even growl quietly when feeling threatened or cornered. She is not violent, but pushed too far, may become physical only when necessary. She is very proud of her werewolf nature and has a sense of superiority due to it.

She is also extremely sensitive to hierarchies, both in her daily life and life with the pack. Always looking to better her standing, she's on her best behaviour around those above her, while careful to make sure those submissive to her remain that way. However, she is not actively unfriendly to either superiors or inferiors, and doesn't usually seek to drive people away.

Tasha is very driven and determined to be the best at all she does, no matter the cost. While her miserable time in New York has driven it into latency, she can be playful and even friendly in her personal life, but it takes time and trust to reach this level. Around strangers or those who annoy her, she can come across as a misanthrope, and has little patience for the drama of other people. She is unforgiving of mistakes, especially her own, but also those of other people.

She is more at ease around her own kind, figuring they understand her better, and also taking the view that they are more worth her time. On the flip-side, she can sometimes actually be nicer to those of other races, as they are so far beneath her, there is no need to compete or worry about social standing. Just as she feels no need to battle wills with a dog to prove she's his better, so it goes for those who are not two-natured. Shifters usually fall more in the middle, close enough to be a very subtle threat, while not really worth worrying about most of the time.


Name Race Relation Notes
Young Werewolf Boyfriend-Mate The yang to her yin, James has been fundamental to helping Tasha loosen up since her time spent in New York.
Sloane Werewolf Acquaintance Though she's only run into the young wolf a few times, and almost all of them involved some sort of trouble, Tasha sees some promise in the impetuous youth.
Summer Shifter Patient Summer got the pack-mate special when coming to the hospital in need of stitches.

Character Gallery


Title IC Date OOC Date Quick Description
Slow Leaning March 4, 2010 March 4, 2005 Friday night jazz leads to Young playing for the locals, Samantha and Mignonette included, and in the end has a lovely conversation with a woman who's more than meets the eye.
Bite Me March 5, 2010 March 5, 2005 Summer gets bitten by a Presa Canario, and goes to see the Doc.
Two Natured Meeting March 6, 2010 March 6, 2005 The Leader of the Muea Tseena Pack summons all the shifters and werewolves of Dallas into the woods to lay down the law.
Aftermath March 26, 2010 March 26, 2005 Young stops by Bunker’s Garage to check on Abbey. Tasha shows up to treat Abbey and Orion’s wounds.
Destination Trust March 27, 2010 March 26, 2005 Young and Tasha return home from "work" and go over parts of their joint investigation into the attacks, but end up arguing over their relationship.

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