Portrayed by Alan Cumming
Fullname Todd Landers
Birthday January 22
Species Human
Age 36
Height 5'9.5"
Weight 140
Eyes black
Hair brown
Occupation Grocery Bagger

Claim to Fame

Todd might be known as the odd fellow who bags your groceries, but may never remember having met you. His hands are often covered with inked notes to himself, and he carries around a small notebook and pen for jotting down important information. Questioning the other employees at the grocery store would reveal that he is a resident at a local group home, and that he suffers from some sort of brain injury.

According to a recent diagnosis, Todd suffers from a mixture of retrograde and anterograde amnesia, with procedural memory being largely intact. But of course, one would have to have access to his records to know his exact diagnosis.


*Note that most of Todd's background is not ICly known. Some information may be gathered by approaching the founder of Hope House, where Todd currently lives. If you are interested in finding out more, feel free to page me in game.*

Todd was born in the small town of Rising Star, Texas. Back then he wasn't known as Todd Landers… That would come later. His childhood was fairly uneventful, by anyone's standards. He was a sweet kid, but not particularly prone to be victimized, so very little happened of note until he met a boy named David and fell deeply in love.

Todd did not know that David was a vampire, and a young one at that, and David took care to hide it from him. However, one fateful night he had the bad luck to observe David feeding. Now this was before True Blood and before vampires "came out of the coffin", so to speak. So needless to say, Todd was fairly freaked out.

Fearing for Todd (and probably also somewhat distressed by Todd's extreme reaction), David decided to try and glamour away the knowledge. Unfortunately, he was young and clumsy, and botched the job rather severely. The result was Todd as he is known today. In an effort to protect him, David took Todd from his home, and left him in the protection of an elderly witch, who promised to do what she could to keep Todd protected from other vampires.

And thus, Todd became Todd Landers. He lived with the old woman out in the woods for awhile, isolated from society, and supporting himself by doing odd jobs and heavy lifting around the house. When the old woman died, he was unable to explain to the police his relationship to her, or for that matter, the nature of his disability. While the old woman had succeeded in teaching him certain coping techniques over the years, getting him to remember even as much as his own name had been a chore. Eventually, through one thing and another, Todd ended up in Hope House, in downtown Dallas. Hope House, established to keep those with mental disabilities off the street, has turned out to be a perfect place for him. They found him a job bagging groceries at a local grocery store. Unfortunately, he does tend to wander off more than he should, but so far it hasn't resulted in any terrible mishaps.

Character Details

Todd is a reasonably likeable fellow, personality-wise. He almost always has an optimistic attitude, and he is generally a hard worker. He can be flighty at times, not the least due to his unique memory disability. Perhaps due to the extreme difficulty in forming new memories, once he has established friendship with a person, he is extremely loyal. Unfortunately, he is also easily manipulated, due to his essentially trusting nature.


Name Race Relation Notes
Abbey Werewolf Acquaintance Abbey gave Todd a card with her name and number. Todd wrote 'call for help' on the card. Abbey will probably regret giving him the card, someday.
Dr. David Trudeau Human Acquaintance Dr. Trudeau has taken an interest in Todd's case. He's a kind man, and Todd seems to enjoy being around him.
Marius Vampire Acquaintance Todd met Marius while out shopping for groceries. At least, that seemed to be what he was up to. Todd was somewhat bemused by Marius. He will probably not be so amused if Marius tries to eat him, but luckily he doesn't have to worry about it until it happens, what with the amnesia and all.
Michael Vampire Acquaintance Michael and Todd have met a few times. Mike tends to ask Todd the sort of questions that require a search through his notebook to answer.
Mignonette Savoy Psychic Acquaintance Mignonette met Todd at the same time as Dr. Trudeau, and took an immediate dislike to the volunteer who happened to be accompanying Todd that day. She has taken an interest in Todd's background, and may investigate further as to the legality of his treatment at Hope House.
Ronnie Vampire Acquaintance Ronnie likes to hit Todd for complementing her. He is inevitably frightened and confused by this behavior. Hopefully he'll learn in time not to talk about her singing. Or at least develop an aversion to talking about singing of any kind.
Sebastian Shifter Acquaintance Sebastian let Todd hold his monkey. No, an /actual/ monkey. Get your mind out of the gutter. Sebastian has also invited Todd to volunteer at the zoo, if he can find time away from work.
Steve Human Acquaintance OMG, it's Captain Sunshine! Todd never misses a rerun (which are not really reruns to him). Unless told otherwise, he doesn't remember that it has been cancelled. All of Todd's notebooks have Captain Sunshine on the cover, thanks to a helpful volunteer at Hope House. Todd met Captain Sunshine at the gym and tried to ask him out for drinks. Surprisingly, Captain Sunshine is straight. Go figure.
Will Vampire Acquaintance Protected Todd from Ronnie. He also has a clue as to why Todd can't remember anything.

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