Trevor Lockwood
Portrayed by Jeffrey Donovan
Fullname Trevor James Lockwood
Birthday January 1st
Species Shifter
Age 25
Height 6'2
Weight 180
Eyes Green/Gold
Hair Dark Brown
Occupation Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Large an Small Animals

Claim to Fame

Trevor is a large and small animal vet. At the moment he is working mostly with large animals as that seems to be what is needed. Still he is looking for a veterinary clinic that is in need of a small animal vet.


Trevor James Lockwood, a rather normal individual with a rather quiet yet interesting past. Trevor grew up in Nags Head Beach, North Carolina. His mother Cindy is a small/large animal vet, while his father Jim is the sergeant of the Nags Head Beach police department. Trevor has four siblings, a older brother Jeff, his twin brother Cody and then two younger twin sisters Julie and Samantha. What sets his family apart is the fact that his parents are shifters; this trait skipped his older brother Jeff, Cody and Samantha leaving Trevor and Julie the ones to carry on the shifter genes in the family. Being that two of the siblings are shifters the whole family was in on the special abilities of the family. At the age of 10 his parents informed him what they were, and the possibility of Trevor being on as well. For the next three years he was ever curious, yet ever wary, not wanting to change in the middle of school after all.

Just a week after his thirteenth birthday was when Trevor went through his first change, into that of the family cat. It was doing the full moon so he didn’t have a choice in the matter, and it was rather confusing time for him. He wasn’t able to shift back into his human form until after the full moon was over and the effects worn off. Since then Trevor has been working on different forms, making sure to pick ones that wouldn’t cause too much of a problem. His stayed with the feline forms, save for a bird one now and then which he finds exciting as he gets to fly around the city.

Over the years he became more use to his abilities and got more use to the act of shifting. During this time he was also dealing with normal teenager woes, school, his twin brother and just trying to get his school work done without getting in trouble with his parents. He had a hard time, especially with his troublemaking brother Cody pulling him into the thick of things. At the start of Trevor’s senior year in High school he managed to get into some serious trouble, thanks to his dear twin brother Cody. A car was stolen, and Trevor had no idea he was driving a stolen car with Cody there as well. The police pulled them over and arrested them both. Cody came forward and took the heat for it but Trevor’s parents worried that if he didn’t leave he could follow his brother down a dark path. So they shipped him off to some family all the way on the west coast, Washington State to be exact. At first Trevor thought this was the worst thing that could ever happen but after a few months he found that he liked living in Forks, made new friends and was able to finish high school at the age of seventeen without a problem.

He then turned his sights on college, and was accepted into Washington State University thanks to good grades and perhaps a little help from his mother, this was the same school she went to and she still knew many of the teachers. With a natural love for animals he figured now was the time to let his parents know he was going to be a veterinary. Trevor always worked with his mother at the clinic, and when he was old enough had a paid job as a vet tech. Animals just seems calm with him, of course being able to shift might have something to do with it. His able to work with the worst case animals and turn them around, like a dog whisper to some degree. While going to school Trevor worked at a few clinics in the area, along with working with large animals more, mostly horses and cows. He found he liked the aspects of working both small and large animals and so has specialized in both.

With his schooling done he went looking for work and has picked Texas as a place his interested in. Having just moved to Dallas, Trevor is taking a chance and hopefully he’ll be able to find a job. He finished top of his class and graduated with honors along with passing the veterinary test with flying colors. He has also taken and passed the Texas certification test so he can do practice in Texas, and Dallas itself. Trevor has found himself a small house with a bit of land at the outskirts of town; he didn’t want to actually be in Dallas, being a shifter in a new city might cause some problems after all. And this way he can be himself, along with helping out animals that may need a place to stay foster wise.


Jakob Dylan: Evil is alive and well, Valley of the low sun, War is kind
Matchbox Twenty= 3am, If your gone, Disease
Rob Thomas= Lonely no More, This is how a heart breaks, Give me the melt down, Ever the same, Bright Lights, Unwell

Character Details

Trevor is a fun loving guy, that some may compare to a geek if they don’t know him. He seems to have his head in a book rather often, and when his at work he often has books with him. Being right out of school he tends to worry about things like this. Even with him being out of school, his worked in clinics half his life and tends to know more then he lets on. Though when he is working he is calm and focused on the issue at hand, be it an emergency or a simple issue that often walks through the front door.

While vampire and wolves tend to make him nervous his never rude to anyone just because of what they are. He doesn’t see a reason do this as he feels everyone else is just trying to survive in the world like he is.

He enjoys spending quiet nights off running through the wild or with friends. Often he can be found at his home taking care of the animals that he happens to be fostering at the time. Still he knows how to have a good time, going out to clubs and the like.


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