Portrayed by Ryan Phillippe
Fullname Trey Apollo Fontane
Birthday 15 February
Species Witch
Age 22
Height 5'6"
Weight 127 lb
Bloodtype AB+
Eyes Blue-gray
Hair Dirty blond
Occupation Student

Claim to Fame

  • Member of the Fontane family.
  • Student at the University of Texas at Dallas


Character Details

Quiet. Reserved. Careful. Internalized. Cryptic. Those are words that come up when many of his casual acquaintances discuss Trey. He's the kind of guy who measures twice before cutting. In a family of larger than life personalities, his defense mechanism was to wall himself off a bit and keep his own council. And it's a habit that he continues to this day. Trey doesn't really have a lot of friends and he's fairly well fine with that. Or at least so he tells himself. His few attempts at socialization have ranged from mildly uncomfortable to disastrous and his attempts at interpersonal relationships haven't done much better.

A lot of Trey's life happens on autopilot at the moment. He eats because his body needs fuel, he works out a couple of times a week because he knows he's prone to ill-health and moderate exercise boosts the immune system, he socializes because people who don't can't integrate themselves into society and he occasionally seeks out a lover because doing so is both expected and healthy for a young man his age. The only time that cool, precise, almost icy voice speeds up or lifts right now is when he discusses his theories on magic or his work towards an MLIS and eventual hope to qualify for Conservator training.

Of course, nobody goes through life bottled up forever. Sooner or later, something is going to happen, good, bad or both that shatters that safe emotional wall he's built around himself. And when it does, Trey's going to have to come to terms with it and figure out who he -really- is, rather than who he's become in response to the people around him.


Name Race Relation Notes
Ivan Witch Brother Disconcertingly loud, brash and confident. Seemingly blessed with all the advantages. Trey loves him, in his vague, distant way. But he also hates Ivan just a little for being everything a man 'should be' in modern culture.
Scarlett Witch Sister Forceful. Domineering, even when she tries to dial it down. Trey resents her casual assumption of dominion over him and his life but he recognizes that she's doing it out of love. He returns that love, but tries to keep it low-key enough that it doesn't encourage her to greater outrages against his person and sovereignty.
Helen Witch Sister The sun to his moon, which is ironic, given their names. In all the ways that he is reserved, she is freewheeling. And he envies and loves her for it. Also, she's the only one in the family who will let him stand or fall on his own merits, which makes him fiercely loyal to her.

Character Gallery


Title IC Date OOC Date Quick Description
Blues, Jazz and Pink June 16, 2010 June 16, 2005 Trey recognizes Steve from his old show. The two meet and have a semi-awkward conversation.
History, Red in Fang and claw June 16, 2010 June 16, 2005 Trey and Marius have a chance meeting while each is about his own business. Trey narrowly avoids becoming dinner.

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