Tripp Reynolds
Portrayed by TEDDY DUNN
Fullname Tripp Alexander Reynolds
Birthday September 22
Species Vampire
Age 21 (19)
Height 6'1"
Weight 175 lbs.
Eyes Blue
Hair Light Brown
Occupation Unemployed/Wanderer

Claim to Fame

You probably didn't really know Tripp unless you were familiar with Faith and Hope Tyler, as he was the only male member of 'The Three'. Academically he was somewhat a 'go to' guy, but his type generally wasn't too uncommon with his most distinguishing traits being his charisma and lack of conceit. He met an untimely death at the age of 19 the night of a party held in his honor.


The kind of life that Tripp lived could be considered the dream of many: born into money, loving parents, a laid back childhood and a good neighborhood. A combination such as this is a perfect recipe for a totally spoiled brat, though Tripp could be considered anything but.

He grew up a likable and fairly charismatic kid, easily approachable due to his friendly and laid back attitude, and would even dabble in occassional mischief.

Really, he had it all, and there was nothing for him to complain about, yet somehow there was this nagging feeling of an empty spot in his life, and that void would be filled upon befriending the twin Tyler sisters, Hope and Faith in seventh grade. Now this may have been a time where it wasn't really easily to accept that a boy could be friends with girls without some sort of romantic feelings involved, but Tripp didn't believe that he was in love, but ecstatic that he had met two people he could really connect with despite the sisters very different personalities.

However these thoughts would change post-graduation where the trio would be seperated via going to different schools, he realized that he had no interest in other girls in college and every now and then he'd have a difficult time getting through a day without thinking about the more troubled teen, Faith. He got his chance to confess when he returned to see his friends for the summer, looking forward to a party they'd be throwing for him. The plan was perfect, he'd simply confess his feelings, she'd accept, and the evening party would be a blast!

The fates were unkind, of course, he ended up being rejected by Faith, marking the first time in history that he had wanted something and ended up not getting it, leaving him feeling confused, awkward, and even upset, hidden behind his usual kind smile. And the evening would only get worse as later in the evening he fell prey to a vampire attack that resulted in his throat being torn out. Not long after he was presumed dead. Guess a guy can't have everything!

(Mis)-fortune would smile upon him in the morgue where an employee (whom was also a vampire) would take pity on the young man, and presented him a second chance at life by turning him into a vampire as well. But in this second life, in New Orleans, he would born into nearly nothing, Tripp felt there was no way he could return home the way he was, he had to struggle with new difficulties though luckily not on his own, as his Maker was willing to teach him all he needed to know; most important of the lessons being how to survive. While the adjusting was a little difficult, Tripp ended up going on in life rather comfortably, tricking himself into believing that he never really needed his friends, his family, or money. That is until we fast forward to two years later, when Tripp caught wind of the 'Green Oaks Incident', and that somehow Faith was involved.

He had to see her again. He was a little afraid of what he might do in the end, but he couldn't stay where he was. He bid farewell to his Maker and proceeded to head down to Dallas.

Character Details

Post death, Tripp has had a slight personality shift, in the past he was considered a pretty good person, laid back, doesn't consider himself to be special in any way, easy to get along with, and doesn't usually put himself before others.

These days he doesn't think he's changed, but in reality he talks himself or convinces himself into decisions that could be considered morally wrong by others- Thankfully, (or not so thankfully?) said decisions generally pertain to his love life, or lack therof, as he has difficulty copeing with being alone.

His primary hobby these days are people watching, which sometimes he takes to.. Ahem, extremes, and doesn't often mingle. Don't confuse him for a lone wolf, however, Tripp just has trouble convincing himself that he doesn't really have a place within the vampire nor the human community.


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