Portrayed by Jason Wiles
Fullname Liam Ulrich Tucker
Birthday June 24, 1968
Species Vampire
Age 37
Height 6'1''
Weight 163 lbs
Eyes dark blue
Hair brown
Occupation Unemployed


Liam tried to reach out with his right arm, the one not stuck under something that was as heavy as a whole house. His hand grasped into cold darkness, nothing else.The air in the hole smelled foul and salty. He could, to his own surprise, even make out something that reminded him of algae and dead fish. He groaned and tried to lay on his side but the futile attempt ended as a stinging pain went through his spine and he fell on his back again, moaning. His left arm and leg were stuck under what must have been a thick concrete wall, at least as far as he could tell by touching it. The hole was quiet, there were some dropping sounds which had a slight echo to them and some whistling which sounded like wind blowing through the debris.
"How the hell did he even get here?" he thought, trying hard to remember the past days…

About two weeks ago Liam's mother Elisa Tucker was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. It left her one to two months to live. She wanted to make amends with her brother, Jonathan Tucker, whom she left without notice as she emigrated. Jonathan was the only family she had left and he felt bad for him because he was only twelve years old when a school sunny-boy, Brian Hannigan, got her pregnant and she took off. Her father went pretty violent when he heard Elisa was pregnant. He wanted to use, let us say, unspeakable methods to get the baby out of her. So she packed a bag and left, never to come home again. Long story short, she got stranded in Germany and, after some time, fell in love with a German man. She married him even before she delivered her baby — Liam. Her new husband Thomas Meinsfinger took the boy like his own (which is, by the way, the reason why he got his middle-name Ulrich) and they both brought him up in the lovely city of Munich, where he would live his whole life.

The pain was practically gone after only a few seconds, and after a few minutes Liam felt even better than before. So he decided to give it another try to free his left side from the concrete. Since he could not feel his left arm or leg he got pretty nervous if he was gonna be okay. In his mind his best chance was to free himself, he needed to get out of this hole as soon as possible. He leaned over, no stinging, no tears in his eyes. After a few seconds he exhaled in relief and tried to get a grip with his right food on the huge block of concrete. He pushed with both hands and legs against the stone, groaning in the effort. Suddenly the wall moved, a tiny bit at first, but it moved. He pushed again, with even more force. The concrete moved enough to get his left arm out of it, after that he slid to the side with his hole body to get his leg free too. Immediately after he stopped pushing he felt how the excruciating pain setting into his newly conquered extremities. He screamed in agony as he could see no way to cope with it otherwise.
He screamed and screamed…

Liam agreed to travel to Columbia, Missouri, to find Jonathan and persuade him to come to Germany for a final family reunion. What should have been a three day to one week trip turned to be some kind of odyssey when Liam found out that his uncle was made a vampire at the young age of 17. He was not at all comfortable with even the thought of an confrontation with a vampire but he promised his mother to find him, so he had no chance but completing the task. In Germany vampires were still frowned upon. They did not get a German "Staatsbuergerschaft" (citizenship) like in the US and Liam was quite okay with that.

Since word on the street was that all vampires were making a pilgrimage to New Orleans he decided to track Jonathan down there. He heard about the hurricane warnings for the area but Liam was sure he would be out of the danger zone before it would get really ugly. Of course, everything got even more complicated when he could not find a Jonathan Tucker in New Orleans but more than a few John Tuckers, some even listed as Johnny or John Tucks. So Liam had no choice but to do it the hard way, going from door to door on his list. He went out at night for two or three hours but not too late. He did not want to wake people from their sleep just to ask them if they knew a vampire that looked like a teenager. On the third day, the evacuation of the city started. However, he had trimmed his list down to half a dozen places, so he decided to finish his task.

When he found the old villa where Johnathan lived with his nest the winds were getting really ugly. Liam, a inland European, did not expect that it could get uncomfortable so suddenly. Jonathan was surely impressed by the boldness of a human but did not show much interest in reuniting with his human family. After a long talk, when Liam wanted to leave the place, the wind simply got too strong to drive around. The vampire was not able to help Liam either because the sun was to come up soon. So Jonathan decided to shackle him in the basement where the vampire slept. At first Liam refused, but what chance did he have if he wanted to live?

The storm hit at 6:10 am. And it hit hard. The exact events turned into a blur in Liams head. He remembered the wooden beam he was cuffed to breaking, hitting his head. He remembered lying on the ground, the other vampires screaming, blood all around his head, and water coming into the basement from everywhere. Then everything went dark…

After some time, he could not tell how long it had been, Liam stopped screaming. He was just lying there, staring into the darkness. After a few minutes he noticed that his eyes adapted to the dark pretty well, he could even see the water he was lying in. He wondered, since he should be freezing but after a while he decided he had other problems right now. The pain in his leg and arm was almost gone, so he tried to move his arm a bit, and it felt pretty normal. His leg was a bit shaky but what could he expect after lying under a house for hours? Liam tried to stand up and was again surprised at how well that went. He looked around and recognized what had been the basement of the old villa.

At least, what once had been. Now it was just a dark hole of mud, water and debris. The vampires that lived there either had a chance to leave without seeing the daylight or they were… Liam tried not to think about that. He saw the stairs that led down here, they were blocked but at the same time the only way out of this place. So he began working on them, hauling the things aside as big as himself. But there was no time to wonder. After some time he saw an opening in the debris that led right up. It was dark outside, but he could see the sky! Before he could react to this in any way a head showed up at the hole. A woman with glowing red hair stared down on him. "Ha! Thought I heard something. Come on, grab my hand, I'll get you out of here." she said. Liam did as told and after a few seconds he stood on the wet carpet of what was once a living room. "Wow, I never thought I had to save a vampire, man. That's new!" The woman beamed at Liam.

He frowned and looked at the beautiful woman. Her hair was just amazing and, even though she was wearing an loose-fitting working outfit, she was beautiful. And that smell of her was just hypnotizing. His bowel moved and he could feel that it was really empty. "What? Vampire? Oh, me? No, I was just visiting here. I'm human, just…" he stopped when the grin on the woman's face turned to an really worried look. "Oh, shit, you don't even know yet? Man, that's harsh…" she said, looking around carefully. Her smell was getting stronger by the second, the air around her felt vibrating. Liam came closer to her. "Listen, man, you still have a few hours till the sun comes up. You go down the street this way. After a while you will find the interstate, there you can surely find someone who will get you in a car out of here. But I really, really can't help you. And I'm so truly sorry." She pointed down the street and then looked back at Liam, who was close enough to touch her now. He could not resist this hypnotizing perfume of her, he wanted to suck it in, to let it never go again. The woman was obviously creeped out, backing off, saying, "Listen, I got to go. Just do what I said. Good luck!" She took a few steps back and startet to turn around. Liam did not know what he was doing, his eyes fixed on the woman's rose colored and soft neck. And that smell…

He could not even control what he was doing. It went all by itself. He darted forward, pulling the woman down to the ground. She tried to scream, but after a second Liam got his hand over her mouth, turning her head aside. He looked at her exposed throat as something in his mouth moved. He felt energized like never before in his life, his stomach was burning, he was in ecstasy and he wanted more of this smell. His head went down and Liam bit the woman. When the first drops of blood ran down on her skin his frenzy reached its climax. He sucked the blood, while he enjoyed the woman struggling, fighting for her life. Then, after just a minute, maybe two, the feeling was suddenly gone. The smell had turned into something different and he did not feel the attractive force any more. In fact it smelled disgusting, reeking of raw flesh, somehow metallic. He drew back from the woman, watching what he had done. The lust vanished from his face, making room for pure horror, as Liam realized what happened. He felt a sickness in his stomach and he wanted to throw up. And that was the moment it hit him. Liam realized what he had become. He jumped back in shock on all fours, watching the woman who was taking her last breaths. She looked at him, panting, and he saw the life fading in her eyes, till her stare was empty and her muscles relaxed. "No…" he whispered, "No, no! No!"
He jumped up on his feet and ran. Just running anywhere but away from here. He shook his head as if he just needed to wake up. He was Liam Ulrich Tucker, married to Sabine Tucker. He had a daughter, Emilia, and she was ten years old. He finished a pre-degree in computer sciences where his fellow students gave him the nickname "Tux" but he did not make it to the diploma because his wife and daughter put an hold to his studies. He started his own small business as a private investigator after, not a good one, but it paid his bills and showed responsibility for his family. He could not have died. It just could not be…
But Liam never woke up. His wife and daughter would never see him again and his mother would never get her family reunion. And what about him?

The truck stopped. Liam opened the door, thanked the driver again and got out. Liam was grateful to feel the terra firma under his feet again. He looked up and watched the scenery: skyscraper next to skyscraper. A mix of green and blue lights, and the smell of civilization. "Guess it's not home, but it's something" he mumbled and started walking into the streets of Dallas.

Character Details

Judging from his background story one might think that Liam is just another sad vampire hating his existence who is just too stupid to get some grip and kill himself. But you could not be farther away from the truth.
Even though he will need time to cope with his loss he knows that somewhere inside him is this part that is excited about the whole new life in front of him. He knows that some day, maybe sooner than he thinks, he will embrace what was given to him. But right now he is just frightened and alone.

Liam is a quite withdrawn person. He does not talk much about himself or his problems, especially since the last days, even though he likes very much to talk about other peoples thoughts and problems, always looking for an solution. If you get to know him personally you will see that he is very friendly and full of life. He cares quite a bit about what other people think of him and so he always tries to let a good light to shine of himself. But occasionally he is a bit too shortsighted with that. That is why some damage he leaves behind sometimes springs back at him later, be it women, promises he made or some dept he has to pay.

Once you got through to him even Liam opens up. And if his guard is down you can see him for who he truly is: a great person with a big heart and a strong sense for responsibility. He probably got that from his foster father, Thomas, whose love and care he enjoyed for a long time. He still looks up to him and tries to emulate him.

Concerning his thoughts about his unlife he knows that he probably will end up truly dead very soon if he does not get to know some other vampires that are well-disposed to him. He cannot go back to Europe, since vampires have a pretty bad situation over there. He is still ashamed of what he is, knowing that he cannot guarantee the security of his family. That is why he will not face them any time soon. He is on his own, for the best of everyone.


Artist Title Link Quote
Apocalyptica How Far YouTube How far will I go to, // And search my respect and my pride? // How long will I lie to, // Myself about the privilege of my live?
Atreyu Lonely YouTube Lonely, is this what we've become? // So lonely, fragile and unloved // Lost inside ourselves
Björk Play Dead * * i belong to here where // no-one cares and no-one loves // no light no air to live in // a place called hate // the city of fear // i play dead
Dreadful Shadows Twist In My Sobriety YouTube We just poked a little pie // For the fun that people have at night // Late at night don't need hostility // The timid smile and pause to free
Indigo Girls Price Of Darkness YouTube* My place is of the sun and this place is of the dark //I do not feel the romance I do not catch the spark
It's Immaterial Driving Away From Home YouTube Moving away from home // Without a care in the world // Driving away from home
??? A Beaver Atte My Thumb YouTube *** A beaver ate my thumb, // a beaver ate my thumb! // The doctor gave me rum, // 'coz a beaver ate my thumb!

* Live video — probably bad quality
** You need to watch a commercials at the beginning
*** Completely unrelated :)


Name Race Relation Notes
Abbey Werewolf Acquaintance Dangerous and creepy, but spineless. And she talks crazy stuff… Or not…?
Alexa Psychic Just Met I think I like her. Despite of the whole sanity loss thing in the end…
Isobel Vampire Just Met She's kinder than she looks. And probably deadlier with all the— I better not think about that.
Jed Witch Just Met Hate, hate, hate…
Kate Shifter Acquaintance Met her a few times. Seems to be a nice person, but she's got that monster inside her!
Marius Vampire Just Met Scary, scary, scary! I think he would have killed me if I would not speak German


Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
Uneasy Purchase September 7, 2005 September 7, 2010 My first time buying True Blood! Yay! But note to self: Do not spoil anoter book for the woman there or she goes all creepy again…
No Harm Intended September 10, 2005 September 10, 2010 That was definitely the wrong place to try blending into people again.
An Introduction to Vampire Ethics September 12, 2010 September 12, 2005 I thought I could finish my talk with this Kate but then this terrifying Marius appeared out of nowhere… And now I find myself in even more problems.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind September 30, 2010 September 30, 2005 Needed some alone time and then there was this freaky psycho woman monster murder beast! Ugh! I will never go to this damn lake again, no good things come from there! It's, like, US Loch Ness!
Revelations October 02, 2010 October 02, 2005 I needed to clarify some things with Kate. But then there were her little monster buddies helping out…
"Dinner's Ready, Honey!" October 18, 2010 October 18, 2005 Just how the story goes: You are hungry, desperate times and desperate measures, blah, blah, blah… And then someone always thinks he knows better…

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