Portrayed by Cristina Scabbia
Fullname Vera Iosifovna Rybakova
Birthday June 10
Species Vampire
Age 255 (20)
Height 5'0"
Weight 109 lbs
Eyes Amber
Hair Black
Occupation Writer, Artist, Singer

Claim to Fame

Vera was the lead singer for a band in Paris called Ethereal, which was disbanded in 1998 after Vera's disappearance. Just recently arrived in Dallas from Europe, Vera is a new face among the scene. She is an avid writer and artist under the alias 'Halina Iosif,' which a few people have figured out.


Born in Moscow in the early 1750's, Vera's family was barely survivng, at best. By the time Vera could scrub a floor, she was sold out to a higher ranking family who desired another maid. Vera spent a few years there, until she grew into a more striking beauty. She was easily noticed, then, and when the family she worked for was called to court, a count purchased her from the family as a personal present to Catherine II, a German princess who married the German heir to the Russian throne. Vera worked diligently, staying mainly out of sight, but becoming one of the personal chambermaids to Catherine the Great, herself after Catherine murdered her husband and took over the rule.

Vera did not stay long with Catherine the Great, as she was turned at the early age of 20. Catherine's reign did not end until her death in 1796. Count Pyotr Alexandrovich Rumyantsev-Zadunaisky, a Russian general, took a liking to Vera since he was often visiting Catherine. Eventually, Catherine had the Count govern a place called Little Russia, and he took Vera with him. It was then Vera was turned. The Count was not a vampire, but a former servant in his estate was. At this time, the vampire who turned Vera was barely older than she was, and wanted company after being turned during one of the many wars. Her maker, who called himself Zadunaisky, never revealed his real name, and seemed more crazy than anything else. Zadunaisky taught her little, and Vera entered into an existance she knew little of, and feared it more than anything else.

It was amazing the Vera managed to stay alive during the first few years of her making. Z and Vera traveled together, feeding on serfs and causing havoc wherever they went. They travelled all across Europe, and eventually found themselves back in Vera's place of birth, Moscow. It was not long before other vampires found Vera and Z, but finding that Z was a constant threat to their existance by showing himself and keeping little hidden, they slayed him before Vera's eyes, and she lost the only person she really knew. Vera stayed in Moscow for many years before stretching her legs again, and traveling Europe on her own.

In the late 1800s Vera found herself in Italy. Once again, she was easily found by the local vampires as she was in Moscow, but did little to strike their interest. She was taken in by a local group who ran an underground Absinthe bar and it was there that Vera first began to understand some of the powers she was coming into. For the first time, she stepped on stage and sung a song so tragic and moving, that every vampire in the bar was tearing with blood. It became commonplace for Vera to sing nightly, bringing more and more vampires from far and wide to listen to Vera's heartbreaking Russian songs. She was often asked to sing in other languages, because she knew many. But she would only sing her Russian tales, often making them up as she went. And everyone seemed content with that. There were few fights in that Absinthe bar, and most always it was silent except for Vera's voice that rang through it.

As often happened with Vera, she grew bored and decided it was time for her to move on. It was now 1913, and War was on the brink of the horizon. When World War I began, Vera kept to the small towns on the outskirting war-riddled areas. She fed from the weak and dying, and kept herself well, content to be on her own and full. The war enthralled her as she felt far less human than when she was first changed. At times she would storm into battle herself, just for the thrill of death. Time passed quickly for her, and World War I was over. Afterwards, she traveled in search of skirmishs, finding she enjoyed it so much. The Polish-Soviet Wars was one of her favorites, and it was there she met the one human she decided to turn. Vera was growing lonely, and wanted someone to spend her nights with.

In Warsaw, Vera came across a girl of no more than 20. She was gathering supplies in the night for her family, and Polish soldiers were on her trail. The girl had no knowledge of her stalkers, as the soldiers had no knowledge of Vera. When the soldiers pressed on, Vera quickly indulged herself, and killed them. She didn't think much of how she much have appeared to the girl when she showed herself, but the girl shrieked in terror. Vera rushed forward, and began the process of turning her. When the girl awoke with Vera, she was in such a state of shock that Vera could do nothing but watch. Halina, as she was called, finally calmed, and Vera set out with her to show her Europe.

They settled in Paris. Friends, lovers, never separated. Vera sang at the local bars while Halina would bring in prey for them both. They had fun with it, catching and feeding with little worry. Though after a time, Halina grew bored. She was a young vampire, and desired something new and different, much the same as Vera had. Vera was heartbroken, but she let Halina go. Vera stayed in Paris, alone. She discovered painting and began writing fanciful tales of mythological beasts and love and pain. Vera stayed in Paris, despite her desires for travel. In the late 1900's, she was found by a local band, looking for a singer. She toyed with the idea for a long time, but decided she would try it out. They played nights at local bars, so she rarely had a problem with daylight. But as they started growing larger, and started trying to book larger gigs, her bandmates began to suspect. So she disappeared, since the Revolution had not yet taken place. Overnight, she was in Milan once more, returning to her small Absinthe bar where she had her first callings. She stayed there until the Revolution, then returned to Paris, expecting to find her band once more. They had moved on, and so Vera had to, as well. She wanted a big change, bigger than ever before.

Vera picked a random place, and found herself in Dallas, Texas. She found a modest loft downtown to live in, and set up shop.

Character Details

Vera, as an older vampire, has the mentality of one. She demands respect, but is ferociously respectful in return. She doesn't understand many of American's mannerisms, as she only recently has made it her home. Some would consider her stuck up, but truly it's just the way she was molded. She had a rough existance, the beginnings spent in subordinance to others, and still has a yearning for that, as well. But now that vampires are in the spotlight, she's testing her new freedom.

Vera can be friendly, quick to smile. She rests little on friendship because they've all been fleeting to her. She can be very detached, rarely ever clingy. And all of her personality adds to her artistic nature, which she recently discovered in herself. An avid writer and painter, she creates masterpieces that she sells under different names. She is much like her songs, tragic, beautiful, and mind numbing.


Name Race Relation Notes
Iosif Human Father Deceased
Ava Human Mother Deceased
Tatiana Human Adopted Mother Deceased
Zadunaisky Vampire Maker Deceased
Halina Vampire Child First and only one turned by Vera. Location unknown.

Character Gallery


Title IC Date OOC Date Quick Description
Coffee: Vampire Attractant February 12, 2010 February 12, 2005 Abbey and Orion meet up at a coffee bar. Michael shows up and they discuss ancient artifacts. After the vampire leaves, Vera and Austin show up and they have a pleasant chat with Orion.
Unexpected Allergies February 15, 2010 February 15, 2005 Mischa and Mellie bump into one another in Koreatown. Vera shows up and has an allergic reaction to Abbey.

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