Vivienne Michiels
Portrayed by Melissa George
Fullname Vivienne Michiels
Birthday October 13, 1716
Species Vampire
Alignment True Neutral
Age 289 (23)
Height 5'8"
Weight 135lbs
Eyes Green
Hair Blonde
Occupation Chef de Cuisine
Restaurant Dahlia

Claim to Fame

Chef de Cuisine at Dahlia, a newly opened restaurant in Dallas catering to an exclusively vampiric clientele. Chef Michiels has a long history of working in the courts of Europe, and has only recently arrived in the United States, if about 30 years can be seen as recent. She's considered a pioneer in the art of vampiric molecular gastronomy.


Feel free to have read or not read this background interview with Vivienne, depending on whether or not you got the month's issue of The Fleurs de Sang magazine in which it was written. Vampires from or with ties to Europe may or may not have met Vivienne during the course of her work as a private chef through the vampiric territories of Europe, or, for vampires of non-European extraction, more recently, during her travels in the States and the Americas.

Character Details

Vivienne is a woman of split personalities. In her normal life, she's the epitome of the well-groomed and well-spoken vampire. You simply do not survive in as many courts through as many cities as she has without knowing how to be politic. She always knows what to say and how to say it. And she certainly seems to have become the poster child for mainstreaming, though there are always those who question her culinary sources, She's become quite adept at fielding questions about the source of her 'menu'. But when she's in the kitchen she's anything but. If she's angelic outside of the kitchen, she's truly demonic within it. An absolute perfectionist. Driven, obsessed, and she expects everyone who works with her, from the lowest dishwasher to her sous chefs to have the same drive for perfection that she does.


Name Race Relation Notes
Emre Yildirim (Adoptable) Vampire Maître d' Emre has been with me for decades. He is the head Maître d' at Dahlia and is the crown jewel of my culinary staff. He is unfailingly devoted to me, and I will admit that I do dote on him.
Marius Schlachter Vampire Whip The Whip is hardly refined, barely literate in the culinary world. But he eats, he…savours his meals with such relish. It's a treat to cook for someone who takes such unmitigated pleasure in his food, even if he hardly has any idea what he's eating.
Darcy Pemberly Vampire Companion I first encountered Darcy in the 19th century, in northern India, what is now modern day Afghanistan. We spent quite a long while together, exploring the crown of the British Empire. This is the first time I've seen him since we parted company all those years ago. He's still a complete profligate. And I still have a soft spot where he's concerned.
Mischa Alexandrov Two-Natured Potential Commis I'm not certain what a shifter's interests might be in Dahlia, but he would be an interesting addition to the kitchen staff. If he survives the interview.
Madelaine Michiels Human Mother Deceased. My Maker killed her the same night he made me. I've never tried to discover if I might have any living relations. I'm not certain that I care. My art will always be my first love.
Frederic Feyaerts (NPC) Vampire Maker Hate is not strong enough of a word to describe how I feel about my Maker. A thief and a liar and an egomaniac, he stole my (then) signature dish nearly two hundred years ago and I've never forgiven him for it, especially considering that it's still part of his repertoire to this day. Despite the fact that I've created far superior dishes since, there are some wrongs I can and will never forgive. I would spit him like a pig and serve him as a main course, if I could get my hands on him.

Character Gallery


Title IC Date OOC Date Quick Description
Merry Meet June 29, 2010 June 29, 2005 Dahlia is open, Chef is on duty, and Darcy comes into visit an old friend.
Morsels June 30, 2010 June 30, 2005 Dahlia is playing host to the Whip. Chef receives an application, of sorts, from a very unusual source.
Indulgence July 22, 2010 July 22, 2005 A simple phone call starts off a night that begins with Darcy visiting Vivienne at Dahlia, much to Emre's displeasure, and ends with a chase south of the border. WARNING: Log is rated R for adult situations and violence.

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