Portrayed by Eddie Spears
Fullname Wayne Tyrone Evans
Birthday October 31st, 1983
Species Werewolf
Age 24
Height 6 ft even
Weight 180 pounds
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Occupation Owner/Proprietor of InterSkate

Claim To Fame

Wayne had bout an old warehouse and turned it into a rollerskating rink. Where the music's always hopping wether it's modern stuff for the kids, or the slower Waltz stuff for the Geezers, the snacks are reasonable and rather tastey… The rental skates are always cleaned well, every night. He also sells new and used skates, wheels and accessories, pompoms on your skates ladies? Or perhapse some really wild places?


Wayne Evans was born October 31st, 1983 to Joeph and Carol Evans on the eastern outskirts of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Joseph is or Pueblo, Chezc and Scottish ancestry. His Pueblo Ancestry having a bit of a werewolfy secret. Though they know they have the ability, they had kept it from the rest of the tribe as best they could. There are legends in their tribe but no one knows how true it is, except for Joseph's immediate family line. Carol is alo mixed. A different Pueblo Nation then her husbands, Navajo and a trace of Mexican blood. Though the mexican is so far back they know little about where it came in. However, it is the Mexican blood, that carries the werewolf secret, that her family knows about and has kept from others for a long time. Both have the ability to transform at will, and are basicly members of different packs. But they get along well enough. Keeping it hidden, even from their children. For many years, the couple thought they could not have children, for one reason or another. So they began adopting as few non-res Native children who had lost their parents. Wayne is the youngtst out of six children, he being the only one blood related to Joseph and Carol. Their whole family now consists of four boys and two girls. With two sets of twins. One set consisting of two boys, and the other of a boy and one of the girls.

His early years were good, other then the younger set of twins were not that good to him. At one point when he was about four, he wandered off by himself, and ended up on the other side of town, ending up on one of the Pueblo reservations. Soon he was returned to his family, safe and sound. With him being of Native ancetry, and the wearing a lot of silver, especially in the South West, they found that Wayne was very allergic to silver. Like his parents. They could however wear Copper.

School for Wayne was fairly easy. He was not overly popular, but when you are a loner it makes sence, right? When he was younger, they kept his hair short, because the school insisted on it. To 'hide' what his ancestry was, otherwise they'd put him on the res. His parents were not on one. He didn't care either way. When he was about fifteen, something odd happened to Wayne. The Mexican and Scottish ancestry in his blood, made their little family 'secret' known to Wayne. He had gone off wandering, as he always did. It happened to be a full moon that night. While he was gone, he transformed into a Mexican Gray Wolf. Other then a bit frightened at first, he found it to be quite fun. When the moon phase passed, he retuned home. Told his parents about it. His parents weren't too surprised. However his father had to work, a lotta mouths to feed. He just simply patted the boy on the shoulder and said, "It'll be alright son. Mom will cover it now, and I will talk to you more about it later too." So it was up to his mother to explain the situation to the boy. She took Wayne out for a drive, so they could talk. Explaining it was a family trait, that spanned all th way back to where the Mexican blood came in from her side, and the Pueblo roots from his father's side. For many generations. Beyond that, she wasn't sure who or where it came from on her side other then her Mexican ancestry. Then explained to him that he needs to be careful with it. Because he could potentially kill someone, or be killed. As time went on, he learned it didn't always have to be the full moon when he turned, and that he craved odd foods in that form. Other then stray cattle or small easy animals when he hunted, he stayed well away from humans in that form. He also trained himself, in that instance, to only shift durring the full moon, and when the need presented itself.

As time went, he focused more on his studies, rollerskating and learning 'the ways, to follow the red road' then anything else. Well, the red road as the people call it is fine, but the red road does not have rollerskating or college. Wayne had plans for his life. With odd jobs here and there, working at the skating rink.

When Wayne was old enough to play the lottery, he ended up winning, nothing too substantial, but enough that he could go to college and possibly make his dream of owning a skating rink come true. He put most of it in the bank, then with the rest he traveld to Sunburry Pennsylvania, to McKann buisness school. Taking up some buisness courses. Upon graduation, he returned to Santa Fe, pulled his money from the bank and moved to Dallas. Something about Dallas appealed to him, and well, other then his parents and his one adoptive sister Dawn, it was time to get away from the rest of the family. Upon arriving, he got himself an appartment for now, bought an old warehouse and has been converting it into a skating rink, with a loft appartment like home above. Since he's been here, he's joined the Muea Tseena Pack.

Character Details

At times Wayne is a loner, but now that he is away from the family he at times misses the 'group' family thing. There are times, even in wolf form that he's rather calm, nice. Then there are other times he is rather nasty. Depending on how hungry he is. His human form likes kids, and is usually kind to those that are kind back, but you cross him, and he can be a nightmare in the human form as well.
He knows that there are vampires here, and though he hasn't met any yet, he seems not to care one way or the other. Though a few people that he passes in the streets tend to make him just a bit uncomfortable.


Name Race Relation Notes
Abbey Wallace Werewolf Friend Met her at the rink, not long before it opened. She stopped by a few times to help with the electronic stuff and he became friends with her.
Kara Harris Psychic Employee/Friend She came in looking for a job, and though they just met, he conciders her a friend. She'll definetly be a welcome addition.

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