Xavier Ashford
Portrayed by Zachary Quinto
Fullname Xavier Ashford
Birthday December, 17
Species Human
Age 23
Height 6'1"
Weight 180 pounds
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Black
Occupation Software Engineer/Hacker

Claim to Fame

Software Engineer for Unknown Company, the nature is classified. The fact that he is a Computer Hacker is known only to his close friends and family.


Xavier was born to a Middle Class family, his father was a Lawyer and his mother was an accountant. He had a pretty normal childhood, his parents always gave him what he wanted but luckily enough, he never wanted much. The best gift his parents could have gotten him when he was 5, was a computer. It was love at first sight, the window of opportunities that this piece of hardware offered, pulled Xavier into a world that would later bring him a lot of joy, and a lot of problems.

Since little, his parents realized that there was something different about their son, his intellect was higher than average and he understood concepts that even many grownups find hard to understand. This applied to computers, turned him into a skilled Developer at a very early age. Of course since this consumes time, he never had all that many friends, although he did had and still has, very good friends that he met in school (other computer folks).

Xavier started to tamper with things he shouldn't have, he started invading other people's systems, first it was only towards his own family and neighbors, just to practice and to fool around. But soon, his thirst for knowledge made him play around with systems held by local offices and he was really good at it, but he was caught. Needles to say, all hell broke loose at his house, fights ensued between his parents, almost causing a divorce. Authorities banned from getting close to a computer for 4 years (he was 12 at the time) but even if he didn't had access to one, who can stop a mind from getting more knowledge. If there's will, there's a way…and he found that way, through his friends that helped him.

He turned 16, but his parents never allowed him to have a computer, so Xavier, with his friends' help, got himself a laptop that he hid for one year. Why one year? Because being of a high intellect, granted him the chance to reach early graduation. This brought him to the spotlight, and some Universities started to pay attention to the boy. MIT offered a full scholarship and while his parents didn't agree at first, they realized that the teen was going to become of age sooner or later. So of he went, to MIT, where he received a Degree in Computer Science. It is even said that he built his own Operative System there, but it was never published, so it might be the case that only a few folks use it.

Now, he's 23, he works remotely for a Software Company, what this company does is Unknown, but it's legal. What people don't know is that he keeps a connection with his old friends, a now group of Hackers that are skilled and know their stuff. He's one of them.

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