Character Death
Was killed by Eli Donato in an attempt to take over the Muea Tseena Pack.
James Young
Portrayed by Lenny Kravitz
Full Name James Thomas Young
Birthday 4 November, 1978
Birthplace El Paso, Texas (raised in England)
Species Werewolf
Alignment Lawful Good
Age 26
Height 6'1" (1.87m)
Weight 192 lbs. (88.45 kg)
Blood Type A+
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Occupation Police Officer
Resources Middle Class

Claim to Fame

Having lived all over the United States through his years, James Young's only claim to fame is being a newly transferred police officer from the North, metropolitan Detroit to be specific. Confident, a hotshot even, the man is proving that he's talented with the badge.


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James Young was born to a young woman in a large family. His mother was still in high school when he was born, resulting in his being abandoned to social services at a very early age. He never met his mother or father, or original family, but has come to accept their decisions — without at least this decision he may have become something other than what he has become now. He was adopted by British aristocrats Abigail and Thomas Young soon after. For the span of roughly an entire decade, James grew up in Manchester, England, moving back to the States when his adoptive father was required for business.

Ever since he could remember, he had lived an easy life. He had no brothers or sisters, only a handful of cousins and other family members who weren't related by blood but by spirit and heart. His parents spoiled him with the best of the best, from schooling to entertainment. He loved plays, especially Shakespearean where his nickname Cicero came about during his high school years. It was around this time that he discovered he wasn't some atypical human but instead a werewolf, all thanks to puberty and the local pack. He never told his adoptive family members. He was living outside of Atlanta, Georgia at the time.

Beyond focusing on these talents, he was a skilled actor and athlete, famous around the local city and graduated with honors. He went to a small college, the University of West Georgia, and received a bachelor's degree in English. For the most part, he didn't know what he wanted to do in life but he kept in relative touch with his parents. From Georgia, he moved to North Carolina for a time, and then to Florida for a handful of months, ending up in the suburbs of Detroit by the end of 2003. To the public eye, he simply was searching for his own slice of an American Dream, but for some they know the entire truth and that he had risked his neck for a human, having protecting them from his pack's alpha. During the small skirmish he nearly lost his right eye and was promptly banished, a moment of complete abjuration, his more benevolent ideals clashing with his ex-alpha's god-like outlook on life. From odd jobs and the lack of wanting to join the military, he instead turned to the local police academy and enrolled by the spring.

Throughout his life since learning of his true heritage he had kept a large portion of his life to himself, even when finding kindred spirits. Nothing has yet to satisfy the man and thus he has moved himself back to his home state in hopes of finding something. He doesn't know what it is yet, but he wants it. Dallas is the place he's settled and with his job transferring smoothly over he's begun to work and live, slowly integrating himself into the Texan lifestyle and society. He could never always be a lone wolf.

Character Details

James Young is a study of many descriptions. He's a consummate gentleman of politeness and regal features, at least in some respect considering his grooming while under the care of his adoptive parents. However, life has roughened him up and he is prone to being crude at times when under stress. He knows who to respect and who not to, but that doesn't stop him from going off verbally to get a point across. Nonetheless, he's strong-willed and headstrong, confidently stubborn at times as well. He's competitive. He enjoys his secrets and holds onto a moral compass that tries its best to uphold and guide the good in anyone around him, including himself.

When it comes to other supernaturals and the Great Revelation, James tries his hardest at being ambivalent. In spite of such nonchalant behavior, he politely - at least most times - distrusts vampires given so many stigmas against them and humans as well, considering how morally questionable they can become. He won't wish them pain and suffering, or death, but he has never really felt comfortable being around them; call it a phobia, his kryptonite, if one must. He absolutely hates not knowing what someone may or may not do if they were to discover his were-abilities.

When it comes to the Muea Tseena Pack, rumors allow him to be a bit more open. However, he lacks the strong elitism of many werewolves and will take things slowly. Trust can only be built so quickly at times, but he's willing and able to follow. He enjoys the idea of a pack.


Name Relation James Young's Opinion
Penelope Garnez Co-Worker "Detective Garnez, heard she has a tough history. I look forward to working for her."

Character Gallery


Title OOC Date IC Date Scene Description
What If: Mr. and Mrs. Young April 1, 2010 April 1, 2005 What if James and Tasha were a married couple who discovered that they are both assassins working for opposing agencies?
Hellhound April 19, 2010 April 19, 2005 Officer Young meets with Detective Garnez in a church. Religion is not discussed between the two.

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