How to Post a Log

Want to share a great scene with fellow players? The easiest way to do that is to post it to the Wiki! We would love to have as many scenes logged as possible logged, posted and shared! The following directions will help you in posting your log, but if you have any additional questions or need help, contact Buffy.

Step 1:

First, you'll want to ensure the log has been edited for posting. Make sure it contains no OOC messages, pages, or channel chatter, and if you're not using the auto-spacing on the game, ensure that there is a separation between each player's poses.

Step 2:

Next, you'll need to create a page to paste your cleaned up log into. To keep things neat and tidy, all new log pages should be named in the format of <MMDDYY - #>, so you should check the logs page to see which # your log will be for the day in question.

  • Go to the Logs page, and click 'Edit'. Ease will need to be taken, because you are editing the logs page! You could accidentally delete someone else's information if you are not careful.
  • Scroll to the bottom, as logs are posted in chronological order based January - December. If there are any other logs from the day you wish to post for, use the next # in your format. If not, your log will be MMDDYY-1.
  • Fill in the information for your log before exiting the log page, then hit 'Save'. This will include a name for your log, the OOC and IC dates, and a brief description.

It should look like this:

Line of code:

What it looks like when you've entered information:
 ||[[[logs:112909-1|Log name]]]||November 29, 2009||November 29, 2005|| This is my made up log!||

Step 3:

Locate the link you've just added. It shoud be highlighted in red, as the page does not yet exist. Click on the link, and it will tell you that it does not exist, so you will need to click the "create page" link before continuing.

Step 4:

Once you have created the page, you just need to copy and paste your log into the white content box.

Step 5:

Make sure that you give your log a unique title, and make that the "Title of the page". You may leave a room description in at the beginning of the log. If you do, please use the following format in order to differentiate between description and roleplay:

//**Room Name**//
//Room Desc//

You may also make a link to each character's page the first time they appear in the scene (generally, their first pose). This is definitely not required but if you'd like to do so, it looks like the following:


So, something like:
The day was fading to night, and it was time for [[[player:Barry]]] to start his shift at the Hotel Camilla.

Step 6:

You now have the option to Preview or Save (the little buttons below the input box). It is recommended that you click Preview first, to see if it looks the way you want it to. If it does, click Save, and your finished page will appear!


You may also add character icons to your logs, just below the area/place description. Character icons can be found here True Blood: Dallas Icons courtesy of James.

The code for doing so, is as follows:

[[table style="width:100%"]]

[[cell style="text-align:center"]]
[[image<icon.jpg> link="*<player:name>"]] [[image<icon2.jpg> link="*<player:name2>"]] 
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