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In TrueBlood Dallas, there are those who posses unique mental abilities that allow them to delve into the minds of others. Unlike the series, the game offers several additional options for your character. Each Psychic is limited to one power, and beyond this special power they are just like an average human (i.e. no rapid healing or super strength).


Some psychics have the ability to "hear" thoughts. The problem is that when this ability starts out, it can cause a psychic to go insane as their mind is completely flooded with information, thoughts and emotions. Some are lucky, and when the ability first makes itself known, they catch only small glimpses into the minds of those around them.

It takes a great deal of time, patience and work for a psychic with Telepathy to learn to block out the voices entirely, and even then it takes a great deal of mental faculty which leaves the Psychic unable to do most tasks (attend school, focus on a career, etc.) other than menial ones. Even so, blocking the voices out entirely can leave them feeling mentally fatigued or drained.

A telepath may only send and receive thoughts with another telepath. The reasons for this is unknown, but it is speculated that they share similar brain waves.


Clairvoyants have the ability to "see" things that are happening, no matter the distance or barriers between. Usually, these visions are triggered during times of intense emotion or stress. Psychics with this ability often catch brief glimpses of criminal or disturbing events, such as a home being broken into, or a person being preyed upon.

Sometimes, these glimpses have purpose. The Psychic will be near the situation, and potentially in a position to do something about it. Other times, they serve as a warning for a larger event that is to happen. Followers of a religion may see these visions as a message from their deity.

The visions are typically flashes of an event or situation, lasting from a few seconds to no more than two minutes. They can happen in two different ways, depending on the psychic. The first is like watching a movie, seeing events as they unfold. The second is more akin to seeing through the eyes of the perpetrator.


A Psychic character that has telekinesis as an ability is able to move and manipulate objects with their mind. In some cases, dependant on the weight of the object, they may even be able to throw them a short distance. Someone well trained in this ability can cause items to work on their own as well. Computers or typewriters can leave messages, a piano or jukebox can be made to play music.

The only downfall to this ability is that objects must be within line of sight to be manipulated, and extensive training in the ability is needed to lift anything more than 25 pounds. A Psychic with extensive training will, at most, be able to lift the same amount that they would at their peak physical condition, and generally no more than 250 pounds.


A Psychic character that has levitation as an ability is able to instantly float themselves a few feet above the ground. While levitating, the psychic has the ability to traverse over terrain they wouldn't normally - such as a body of water, a mud puddle, or perhaps working their way out of a crime scene without stepping on a piece of important evidence. If in a situation where falling, a psychic character could tap into their ability to levitate, causing the fall to become slower and reach the ground unharmed.

Levitation is at a general maximum of three feet off the ground (With the exception of when a psychic is falling), and can only be done to the self, not anyone around the character. It requires a great deal of concentration, lest the psychic character fall from their floating position. Movement while levitating is slow, as it is more a projected floating than an actual flying.

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