Setting: Dallas, TX
Country United States
State Texas
Counties Dallas, Collin, Denton, Rockwell, Kaufman
Founded 1841
Incorporated 2 February, 1856
Population (2005) 1, 213, 825
Time Zone CST
City 385.0 sq mi (997.1 km)
Land 342.5 sq mi (887.2 km)
Water 45.2 sq mi (110.0 km)
Elevation 430 ft (131 m)

The third largest city in Texas, Dallas does not fit many of the more typical Texan stereotypes (Western, laid-back, casual). It also does not live up to some of its more notorious stereotypes (pretentious, unfriendly, sterile). Like many things, the truth lies somewhere in between, and Dallas is a wonderfully diverse place, with a great deal to offer. From the ultra-modern and posh Uptown, to the old-world elegance of Turtle Creek, to the largely-suburban North Dallas, it's virtually impossible to categorize. Though largely metropolitan, the crime rate is fairly low, except for in the seedier areas of the city.

Dallas Districts
Downtown Skyscraper district, historic West End.
East Dallas Streetcar suburbs, mainly residential w/restaurants, taverns coffee houses and vintage shops.
North Dallas Shopping.
Northwest Dallas Dallas Love Field (airport), Koreatown.
Oak Cliff Medium-income residential district southwest of downtown. Known for its jazz clubs.
The Cedars Texas State Fairgrounds
Uptown Knox Park, high-income residentials, upscale/designer shops.
West Dallas Low-income, poverty stricken area, though is home to the Belmont Hotel.
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