Buffy Summers

~ I'm the Slayer. And you're playing on my turf. ~ - S4E21 - Primeval

Full Name Buffy Anne Summers
Nickname B
Birthday January 19
Species Slayer
Age 24
Faction Staff
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Claim to Fame

Headwiz/Builder - Oh, and there was that time I was totally the Sunnydale Slayer, but it's a big sinkhole now so I'm honing my other skills.


November 2009 - Buffy began to build TrueBlood: Dallas, with the help of Faith. Unfortunately, Buffy spent more time on the wiki pages, and less time on the code and grid.

December 2009 - Buffy rushed like mad to finish the grid, since there was already interest and the game wasn't even open!

December 15-17 2009 - The game officially opened and players started flooding in. MADNESS!

February 15 2010 - Buffy went and found a Watcher!

July 2010 - Finally convinced Polestar to choose a Buffyverse name, and officially added him to +staff and the wikipage! Created sphere-leads for the various races on the game.

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