Ever since vampires came out of the coffin two years ago (in 2003) on network television (thanks to the discovery of synthetic blood) they have progressed from legendary monsters of nightmares to fellow citizens. While humans have been safely removed from the menu, thanks to products such as Tru Blood, many remain apprehensive of these creatures, and refuse to fully accept vampires as equal citizens.

Some American cities have been slightly more welcoming toward vampires, going so far as to set up a safe airline, hotels, and allowing vampires to own and run their own businesses. While Dallas has permitted such things, the jury is still out. While government officials try to make things easier for their sunlight challenged citizens, religious leaders shun their existence.

Little do they know that there are more than vampires that go bump in the night - the world is full of supernatural creatures - the two-natured beings, psychics and witches - that still maintain their secrecy, waiting to see the fallout of the Great Revelation before they make themselves known.

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