The Body

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There aren’t too many differences from a shifter and a human while they take their human form. In fact, they are quite average in every way – strength, agility, appearance and the like. They age like your typical human as well.

Shifting also does not include clothing – and so, if the animal is particularly large, expect to have your outfit stretched and ripped beyond repair.

As an animal (unless you are a bitten shifter), they are practically indistinguishable from any other specimen of their species. They are not larger or more powerful than other animals, and though they do revert to a more animalistic mindframe – the only thing that really distinguishes them from animals happens to be that indescribable element of humanity in the back of their heads. They adopt the abilities and characteristics of the animals while in that form, although some abilities are difficult to control and maintain – after all, just because you have wings, doesn’t mean you know how to use them.

One thing is known – for some reason or another consciousness is necessary to keep up. A shifter who falls asleep will shift back into his human form. In fact, any significant altered states of consciousness will trigger the ‘animal’ form to recede, and force the shifter back into his or her human form.

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