Two-Natured»» Weaknesses

The two-natured (shifters) are not immune to weaknesses. The following are the weaknesses that both shifters and weres posses:

  • Lack of consciousness - If they lose their alertness, shifters are automatically sent back to their human form.
  • Animalistic Nature - Although this can be a boon, shifters are also dealt the occasional moral difficulty. At times, the animal inside of the shifter will react on instinct, and fight human desires. Also, after being placed in a certain form for a long period of time, the body becomes accustomed to certain mechanical functions. (The shift between being bipedal and a quadruped can be difficult to get used to, for example).
  • Mortality - Though supernatural, shifters are not immortal. Death comes naturally and almost easily to them.
  • Full Moon - The full moon forces shifters to change, usually into the last animal they saw or, in the case of non-pure and bitten shifters, into the only form they are capable of transforming into.
  • Vampire Blood - V has the ability of making shifters ill – much like a severe common cold or flu. It weakens them, though it is not fatal. It also does not get them high (unfortunately).
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