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A particular, structured sect of the Two-Natured, werewolves are perhaps, the most in tune to their animalistic natures. Comprising of a pack of shifters with the ability to transform into wolves, what differentiates these 'weres' from other shifters is mostly mental, and not genetic. Unlike other shifters, who act as typical humans leading solitary lives, they function together as a unit commonly refered to as a Pack.

Weres consider themselves a separate species entirely from the other Two-Natureds. They see themselves as the elite, the purists of the shifting kind, and call themselves by that specific term. They are much more structured than any normal shifting community, acting under the influence of a Pack Leader, the Alpha. All pack members are subject to the authority of this Alpha, and most shifters within the territory of the pack also find themselves pressured by the pack until to follow pack laws or face dire consequences.


  • Weres are exclusive to the wolf form – they cannot shift into anything else.
  • Silver bullets are, in fact, fatal to werewolves.
  • Their body temperature runs higher than a normal human’s, making them warmer to the touch, and they metabolize quicker.
  • Werewolf traits begin popping up at the beginning of puberty.
  • All werewolves and shifters find themselves strongly attracted to one another.
  • Because of the fact that Weres often take it upon themselves to enforce their rules and laws upon everyone inside their territories, they are not seen highly by other shifters, but rather as vigilantes.

Werewolf Politics

The strongest, wisest werewolf of the pack is often appointed to hold the Alpha position. To become an Alpha, you must do one of two things. You must either kill the Alpha werewolf in a sanctioned battle, witnessed by a majority of your pack members, you must be appointed by the previous Alpha of the pack. Once in charge, they rule autonomously.

The Alpha serves as all branches of government. He alone decides the rules, he enforces the rules, and he judges on a case by case basis. His judgments are final. Severe cases usually award Banishment, being sent away from the pack explicitly, and rarely even death. Other methods of enforcing laws include varying degrees of social shunning and corporal punishment.

  • Abjuration : Considered to be the utmost worst thing that can happen to a werewolf, or a friend of the pack. Abjuration is something that one member of the pack can do, or the pack as a whole can do when someone (be it friend or pack member) does something unspeakable. Abjuration is the renunciation of the person's involvement with the Were on a personal level, or in greater cases on a pack level. The abjured person is no longer "seen", "heard", or thought to be alive by the abjurer. Their presence is ignored, and they are in effect exiled from the abjurer's life. They are, by Pack Law, never allowed to return to the abjurer, or to involve themselves in the abjurer's life.
  • Friends of the Pack : An Alpha is allowed to claim anyone as a friend of the pack. By doing so, the Alpha is accepting of this person, and offering said person the protection of his brethren. On the same note, being accepted as a friend of the pack means that the person must also care for the pack and help them in times of crisis or need. A werewolf in the pack may seek audience with the Alpha to obtain a special compensation for someone that they are close to. However, it is still ultimately up to the Alpha whether or not to accept the person as a friend of the pack.
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