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It can be difficult to discern a vampire from an average person unless someone were paying close attention.

They look human, despite being extremely pale due to avoiding the sunlight. Their hair and nails do not grow after they have been turned, so they may look the same as they did before the change. Thus, old-fashioned styles may make them more noticeable in a crowd of modern humans. Their skin is also cold to the touch, and they are able to cry though their tears are bloody.

There are differences, of course. Vampires are technically dead. They have no heartbeat, no brain waves, or electrical impulses. They have no need to breathe, sleep, or eat regular food. In order to survive they must ingest and digest blood (real or synthetic). Most vampires possess super-strength, but not all have overtly defined musculature. All vampires have retractable fangs located in the front canine teeth, which come out during times of aggression, sexuality, or when they are about to feed.

Vampires are unable to impregnate a human, or become pregnant, though they can and do participate in sexual activities.

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