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Vampire blood is a very lucrative drug known on the streets as "V". A drug for which vampires are captured, drained and left for dead by dealers. The reason for this is that their blood is rumored to be what makes them as powerful as they are. It has various effects dependant upon the age of the vampire from which the blood is taken, as well as the freshness of the blood since draining. Some users cut "V" with aspirin to stop it from coagulating, and keep the high going longer.

"V" Facts
NAME: Vampire Blood
PRICE: $200 - $600 per 1/4-ounce
SUGGESTED USAGE: 1-2 drops, ingested
EFFECTS: Heightented libido, awareness, senses, strength and agression; faster healing; delirium
SUPERNATURALS: The two-natured become ill if they ingest vampire blood.
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