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A claim is a rare social contract between a vampire, and a human that they deem needs protecting, or that they care about. It is a construct that is entirely IC, and only between the proclaimer of the contract, and that they proclaim it to. It's binding as a verbal contract, much like marriage (without necessarily being romantic/sexual), but is not legally binding except to the vampire community.

The vampire who claims a human is allowed to petition the Sheriff if anyone is to break the contract. If punishment is deemed necessary, it can result in anything from a stern warning, a broken/removed fang, or even death.

If a vampire and a human share blood with each other on multiple occasions, it will form a blood bond. A blood bond is much stronger than a claiming, and in time should the blood continue to be shared, it will link the pair's psyches together. Such a bonding will alert the vampire if the human is in danger, and vice versa.

Sharing excessive amounts of blood too often, or too closely together (more than twice in a 48 hour period) has the potential to turn the human into a vampire, whether they want it to happen or not. Of course, they must still be buried for three days before rising as a vampire, but it can, and has happened.

A vampire can only lay claim to a single human, and a human cannot be claimed by more than one vampire at a time. A vampire can be bonded to multiple humans, though they generally only bond themselves with one, as feeling the emotions of more than one can be bothersome.
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