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There are very few ways in which a vampire will actually be killed. When they do die, they do not turn to dust or skeletal form. Instead, they either turn into ash, or erupt into a bloody mess leaving very little to identify them.

Things that will kill a vampire:

  • Staking - A stake through the heart (either front or back) will kill them.
  • Sunlight - Prolonged exposure to the sun will cause the vampire to turn into ash. This is why they must hide when the dawn comes.
  • Fire - There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it, fire will kill a vampire. If they do manage to escape a fire, the injuries sustained from it take longer to heal despite the healing properties of their blood. Thus burn scars can last weeks or months.
  • Decapitation - The removal of the head is a sure way to kill a vampire.
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