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There's just no way around it. Blood is necessary to a vampire's survival.

In the past, this has meant that a vampire would have to 'feed off the hoof' - in essence, feed off of a human. Often times, these human meals would wind up drained and dead. Thanks to the advent of synthetic blood, this is no longer necessary.

The synthetic blood is comprised of varied cellular content instead of human blood, and comes in several "real blood" flavors such as O, A, B, and AB (both positive and negative varieties). Several products on the market, such as TruBlood, can sustain a vampire nutritionally, but cannot truly satisfy the hunger.

Which is why many vampires still rely on traditional feeding. They no longer need to drain a human in order to satisfy this hunger. A little nip here or there will suffice for most to stave off the hunger. Vampires can feed on humans, whether willing or unwilling, but most keep willing participants nearby.

Vampires do not need to eat regular food. Fact is, most find it a disgusting habit of humans. They will from time to time enjoy a glass of red wine when TruBlood (or another synthetic blood product) is unavailable, though this is mostly for show.

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