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Vampire legends and myths abound, but their true history has never been elaborated. The vampires seem fine with this, allowing humans to assume that they are cursed, or are simply afflicted by a disease which makes them the way they are.

The oldest known vampire was turned over two thousand years ago, and like any civilization it can be assumed that the vampiric race has had many rises and falls in their population since that time.

Until recently, they remained creatures of legend to the human race; though there have been a few "historic" references to vampires dependant upon location and century. There is, after all, a little bit of truth to stories like Bram Stoker's Dracula.

In 2003, they came out of the coffin with the Great Revelation. Thanks to products like TruBlood, they can be seen as less of a threat to humanity, and more likely to fit in. Since the announcement, things have not been entirely easy for the vampire community. Humans pose more of a threat to them than ever, due to hatred killings, and the draining of vampires for their blood. It is why the American Vampire League has been established - to show the world that vampires are normal, and just trying to function in today's society.

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