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Vampires prefer to keep the knowledge of their racial politics to themselves. Very few others are aware of their heirarchy or judicial system. Since the Great Revelation, the American vampires have divided the country into kingdoms, with each state representing a monarchy controlled by a single King or Queen.

Each "kingdom" is further divided into Areas which are controlled by a sheriff chosen by the monarch who owes allegiances to the King or Queen. The sheriff ensures that their laws, as well as human laws, are upheld. Any major offenses are taken to the Tribunal - a court run by the Magister - that sees to the appropriate punishment for the offense.

Dallas is Area 9.

Vampire Hierarchy
King (statewide) Will Grant
Magister (statewide) Name unknown
Sheriff (citywide) Isobel Symon
Whip (citywide) Marius Schlachter


Minimal though vampire laws are, if they are broken the offending vampire will find themself in front of the Tribunal. Punishment varies depending upon the mood of the Magister and the seriousness of the crime.

  • While in an Area (visiting or otherwise) all vampires are bound to the laws of that Area.
  • Upon visiting an Area, all vampires are required make themselves known to the Sheriff, as a Sheriff has the right to know who is within his/her Area. The same goes for departing. All vampires need to be accounted for!
  • The destruction of another vampire is strictly forbidden to all but the Sheriff, King, or the Magister — or with their explicit permission.
  • Respect for the property of another vampire is required. This includes, but is not limited to, wealth, real estate, and a vampires vessel. It is considered an immense sin against vampire kind to feed or harm a human that has been claimed by another vampire.
  • Makers are responsible for the actions of their progeny. Choose wisely, and teach them well.

List of Areas

Area 1 Austin (Former King's Territory)
Area 2 Corpus Christi
Area 3 Laredo
Area 4 San Antonio
Area 5 El Paso
Area 6 Midland/Odessa
Area 7 Lubbock
Area 8 Amarillo
Area 9 Dallas/Fort Worth (Current King's Territory)
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