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All vampires in TrueBlood:Dallas are extremely strong and fast. They have heightened senses of hearing, scent and vision. They are able to remain completely still, expressionless and silent. They also have the ability to glamour a human - a minor mind control that will force the human to do their bidding.

On top of all this, all vampires are ageless - they always look the same age they did when they were turned.

Older vampires may have gained additional powers over time. These include, but are not limited to, flight, mind wiping, and in rare instances where a Psychic or a Witch has been turned they are able to maintain their abilities.

Should you wish to apply for a vampire character that has a unique ability due to age, please add it to your concept so that staff can pre-approve it. Include the name, a description of the power and the limitations. Bear in mind that a unique ability is only able to have one function. For example, if you were to choose telepathy you should only take mind-wiping and not mind-wiping AND a stronger mind control ability.
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