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Contrary to popular vampire lore, crosses, Holy Water and garlic do not harm vampires in TrueBlood: Dallas. While garlic can make them uncomfortable due to its overwhelming aroma it will not kill, maim, or cause any lasting damage. They are also able to cast reflections in mirrors.

What can weaken them are the following:

  • Silver - Real silver scorches the skin of a vampire, inflicting pain upon them. Prolonged contact with silver can leave a vampire in a weakened state. Silver bonds are the only thing that can truly hold a vampire in place.
  • Hepatitis D and Sino-Aids - Viral mutations of these diseases are relatively harmless to humans. A vampire that feeds off of a human carrier of these diseases can be weakened for a month or longer.
  • Sleep - Most vampires sleep in secured, secret locations. However, all vampires are vulnerable while sleeping, becoming disoriented upon waking during daylight hours.
  • Sunlight - Though they do not combust immediately upon going out in the sun, it does begin to cook and peel their skin. Their movements are slowed, and if they do not remove themselves from the sunlight within mere minutes, they will turn to ash.
  • Draining - Due to their valuable blood becoming an addicting drug that humans can ingest, Drainers have become plentiful. Once a vampire is caught and drained, if they are not staked or left to die in the sunlight, it can take them upwards of 20 years to recover.
  • Social Stigmas - Though not a physical limitation, vampires face stigmas due to myths, and thus must deal with the rampant hatred in various societies throughout the world.
  • Invitation Only - Entry to a home without a formal, spoken invitation is unattainable. Once an invitation is given, it can be revoked at any time, upon which a vampire can no longer gain entry to the home and is forced to vacate the premises. This does not hold true for businesses, as they are considered public domain.
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